Custom Angular Material multiple themes (guide)

Angular Material 12 brought quite a lot of innovations in creating your own themes. Guys from Angular completely rewrote the styles with sass syntax like @use, sass:map, etc. The idea is the same, but the syntax is different.

If you use Angular Material <12 you can read this → article.


Complete code you can find on GitHub in ‘ angular-material-12+’ branch.

I skipped the project creation step because the only thing needed is that Angular Material should use sass or scss as a preprocessor.

Let’s go through the files we need.

Styles tree


To save a user-selected theme, we’ll use LocalStorage.


Represents a service for *-theme.css files management. The service is able to add and remove style files in HTML using a key.


Used to keep track of the current theme.

Default theme init


Define the default theme in style.scss.

Styles of your components

The need for this file is described later in the article.

Color config function


mat-create-color-config function return theme’s color config. Present in project solely to reduce duplicate code.

Styles creation

Well, let’s take a look at creating our own theme using orange-theme.scss as an example. You can find light and dark theme files on GitHub

Don’t forget to add your custom theme files in angular.json

All most done

At this stage, we have redefined the styles of the Angular Material components. Let’s add theme switcher to the navbar of our application.

If you run the application now, you will see that the styles change only on Material components.

In order to change the styles of your components (for example, the background style and font color in app.component), you need to add ‘@ mixin’ to your component. It is preferable to use separate files.

To get the value of ‘$ theme’ in your *.style.scss mixin, you should added it to the file

That’s all, everything should work now 😊

Thanks for reading!


Complete code you can find on GitHub in ‘ angular-material-12+’ branch.

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JAVA / ANGULAR software engineer

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Maxim Sevriukov

Maxim Sevriukov

JAVA / ANGULAR software engineer

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