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Hi {{username}}.
Today I want to share with you an example of how I make a light and dark theme for sites using Angular Material.


Complete code you can find on GitHub in ‘main’ branch.

Let’s get it started

First, let’s create a new project with scss as preprocessor and add custom Material.

ng new multiple-theming

Filtering data in Angular mat-table by specific columns.

I would like to share with you a solution to the problem of filtering data in Angular mat-table. It will be a question of filtering not the entire table, but the specific columns of this table.

All source and demo you can find on GitHub or Stackblitz.

Let’s start

For example, take a search for routes between two stations and a date.

In my case, these are three columns are filtered:

DEP. Date | DEP. Station | ARR. Station

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The result of the work

I don’t see any sense in showing how to create a mat-table, there are no…

Maxim Sevriukov

JAVA / ANGULAR software engineer

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